Immunity Testing?

If you don’t know much about me you could read this first before you go further.
As most of my patients know already, I am not your average Acupuncturist. I starting using Muscle Testing 10+ years ago. I have taken several courses on Muscle Testing (layman’s term for Speiclaized Applied / Applied Kinesiology: Touch for Health (several courses with 2 different instructors), Body Talk, NET (NeuroEmotional Technique which utilizes what they call Specialized Kinesiology), NRT (Nutrition Response Technique which also utilizes what they call Specialized Kinesiology) and Applied Kinesiology (college course).
More about Muscle Testing / Specialized Kinesiology / Remote Muscle Testing
I began using Remote Muscle Testing on some of my patients who were more open to alternative therapies and now a days I muscle test most all of my patients before their appointments and work with patients over the phone/internet recoding emotions, assessing health and nutrition, etc. Some patients are skeptical a…

Two week Immune Boost - Survival of the Fittest Part 2: GUT

~Please read "Two week Immune Boost - Survival of the Fittest Part 1: Enzymes" first ~

Cultivate your Intestinal Garden for better immune.

The small intestine (GUT) is your main vehicle to control the immune so you need to build it up and keep it strong and functioning properly.

When enzymes aren't working the way they should, food doesn't get processed, ending up in the small intestine (gut) partially digested. Unfortunately, the small intestine does not have the ability to actually digest food. It's main job is to separate the liquid from the digested / processed / emulsified food (called chyme). The result is less nutrients are transported back to the body for rebuilding. Also the undigested food starts to rot, creating a poor toxic environment. This poor environment makes a great opportunity for bad bacteria to grow and eventually take over your intestinal "garden". This can lead to things like diarrhea, constipation, fluctuating bowel movements, foul…

Two week Immune Boost - Survival of the Fittest Part 1: Enzymes

Maybe you can't remember the days when people did not talk about their aches, pains, and problems. Every time I turn around someone is talking about their knee replacement and what a great surgeon they had or the amazing new drug for the pain they have been dealing with for 10 years. Most of my patients tell me they have allergies, need sleep aides, deal with recurring headaches, pain (without ever having an injury), etc. When I visit with friends, the entire conversation centers around doctors visits, medications, and a myriad of nagging health issues.

In general, I have learned to keep my mouth shut in social situations because it seems like people these days have an emotional attachment to misery. Who has the most pain, more meds, more surgeries, the best doctor, etc. is the norm. Of course the other conversation is about sports LOL.

In light of this pandemic, I thought it time for me to open my mouth, to help inform people how nutritional choices can improve their chances of s…

Save yourself, Save the world - 2 Weeks to a Better Immune System

Imagine a world without these crazy viruses...

I recommend this to everyone in the entire world right now, to stop the corona and the "offspring" in their tracks and teach our bodies how to get and stay healthy quickly. We all have 2 weeks to complete starting today. This would also apply to any future pandemics, because if we don't get it right this year, most likely, we will be revisiting this same scenario next year again...

Short Answer...2 week Elimination Diet (bonus: if you do it right you will drop 10 lbs every 2 weeks should you continue, have more energy, less pain and inflammation, less puffiness and sleep better)

Whats Allowed: Green Veggies and Proteins (75% to 25% ratio)

What's NOT Allowed: no sugar, no dairy, no legumes (nuts etc), no sweet veggies like carrots/beets, NO FRUIT, no alcohol, no stimulants, no foods that give you digestive issues like gas, bloating or heartburn.

Yes, I said no alcohol! Let's face it, if you cannot abstain from alcohol for…

Viruses?...Olive Oil in your ear? WHAT?

I have used this trick for many years and had great success with it. In fact, I found it helpful with preventing colds and flu along with cleaning the house...

When everyone around me is sick and coughing, this seems to help me and I have told quite a few people about it. A few that have used it seem to like the results...

I always wondered why when I would dust my house, I'd get sick later that day. After avoiding the chore as long as possible, it only seemed to be worse when I did dust.

Then one day while dusting, I felt as if something bit me in my inner ear. As the day progressed I started to get a sore throat and so the story goes...

I read somewhere that extra virgin olive oil had some anti-bacterial qualities and also some anti-viral elements, so I started using a q-tip to squeeze one drop of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in my ear, then I laid down with my ear up to let it drain in my a few minutes I could feel the olive oil in the back of my throat....WHAT?!   Yep, that…

Get Rid of the Allergy Pills!

We call it summer snow. It is so beautiful and falls when the cottonwood trees bloom up north. Anyone with seasonal allergies knows what it is. I never had a issue with the massive cottonwood tree on the property where I worked in the summer at an open-air gazebo.

On a particularly hot summer day, I started having trouble breathing.  I could not catch my breath and in several hours I felt like I was suffocating. When I told my father, he said it sounded like asthma. I had never had any breathing issues, so I blew it off in disbelief but could not deny it was getting worse quickly.

At the time, I was seeing a chiropractor who was working with allergies and I had an appointment the next day so I mentioned the breathing issue. He performed a little treatment that made absolutely no sense to me at the time and sent me on my way. I was instructed to stay away from the cottonwood for a day. I did my best, since I had to take the whole day off to go to the doctors, so was no big deal.

I got…

Running with your Hips??

I have a love/hate relationship with a paved trail I like to walk near where I live. Just about anytime I take a walk, there are other walkers, joggers, runners and quite a few professional looking bikers whizzing by. I love this trail, it is easy to walk and you can go for several miles, turn around and walk back or just 20 mins.

I am not a power walker so most joggers and runners pass right by me. What is so difficult to me as a neuromuscular therapist who works with proper gait and muscle alignment, is to watch the way the runners and joggers use there bodies so inefficiently. I can almost see their knee pain developing right in front of my eyes.

I once was behind a woman who I was pretty sure was "this close to a heart attack". Watching her, made me remember back to a good friend of my fathers, whom I observed working out on a treadmill at a gym I belonged to at the time.  I went home that night and told my father, he looked like he was going to have a heart attack. His …