Are We Heading in the Right Direction?

Now that things are starting to open up again, I found that a little hopeful for business and the human race, but with all the new guidelines it is a bit overwhelming.

In my profession, we are trained to use general precautions, hand washing, masks as needed, disinfecting, sanitizing and sterilizing of tools and surfaces but they are going beyond that requiring aprons, suggesting gloves, face masks for all therapies, and not allowing pump dispensers for lotions? etc. which might make some sense however, seems a little overboard. If we are going into that small of a detail, there are many other things that should be considered also, like only working in a sterile room (not really practical either) ...

I'd decided to move forward and go along with the reasonable precautions, but then I started to think we might be heading in the wrong direction...Most people who are listening to the fear-based news probably do not truly understand about how viruses and our immune system works, but …

Intuitive Health Scans - The Future is Now!

It’s hard to recall now, when I began “scanning” people. In the beginning, I would envision the person as a blank slate, like a greyed-out silhouette figure. I would watch as a horizontal line would move down (scan) the body from the top of their head to the feet. I would notice at various points the line would have a blip on the scan line and over time started to see a pattern in the meaning. Each color meant something different and was discovered to be related to either something physical or emotional.
While I was in Oriental Medical School, I studied various forms of muscle testing including Touch for Health, Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), and Nutritional Response Technique (NRT). I took a few courses from the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK) and eventually, I went on to study college course of Applied Kinesiology (AK).
Over time, I developed a system to test patients…

What are those brown "age" spots?

Several years ago while going through a heavy metal detox, I notice that the dark spots that had been popping up on my skin all over my face, arms, chest, even my hands...started disappearing.

After contemplating the results and doing some research I came to the conclusion that an over abundance of heavy metal is one of the main reasons for what we call brown "age" spots.

Recently, when doing another heavy metal detox which, I do more often now, I noticed a new brown spot developing on my face..I took a close look in my 20x magnification mirror to find there was a little black pointed thing poking out of the center of it...with the tweezers I pulled out what I thought might be a new hair only to discover it was a little metal splinter....OMG I was right, Dah!

There are other benefits as well... like reducing or eliminating cellulite! WHAAAT?

From my research, I determined that cellulite (bumpy fatty deposits that collect commonly under the skin on the back many women's …

Calling all Lighworkers...Need help to share immunity to the masses

10 days ago I started uploading energetic immunity / antibody codes to the current viruses.
When I began, I was only working on 2 people who muscle tested as not having any active viruses but also without developed antibodies / immunity to current viruses. It took 2 days for the immunity to show up (through my remote muscles testing) in those 2 people. I then started targeting areas that were hardest hit like Italy, NY, China, Michigan etc. However, checking with remote muscle testing today, I discovered that not everyone was downloading and not everyone was activating the download. :(

I then started working immediately on energetically directing everyone in the world to specifically "download and activate the antibody codes". Results on remote / distance muscle testing showed mass download and activation in just a few minutes!!!!

I would like at least 100 light workers, who are able to connect to the axialtonal lines, to assist with download and activation by directing ever…

Two week Immune Boost - Putting it all together to stay strong

To boost immune, you need your intestines working well.
If you are experience gas, bloating or reflux after eating, supplement your enzymes
Reduce excess: Sugar, Dairy Products, Carbs
Stay away from fruits until the immune challenge is resolved.
Proteins 25%, Green Veggies 75%
Increase green veggies, whole foods
Eat Complete Proteins (do a google search on complete protein combinations)
Plant/Whole Food Based Vitamins in the morning (double up when immune is challenged)
Plenty of Vitamin C
Plant/Whole Food Based Minerals at bed
Essential Fatty Acids take anytime but might assist minerals better if taken together
Drink clean water (reverse osmosis if possible, without added minerals)
A strong multi-strain Probiotic taken in the morning on empty stomach 2 min before eating is a good rule
Fermentable Fiber taken at beginning of first meal like fresh raw sauerkraut or Kim Chee with active cultures

Use a Q-tip and squeeze off a drop of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your ears and allow to drain in…

Two week Immune Boost - Survival of the Fittest Part 3: Minerals

Working in the Alternative Medical field, I am considered a "Root Cause" doctor. We look for the original reason behind the result. Most patients I see have symptoms that point to mineral deficiency. It can show up as a multitude of dysfunctions from stress, anxiety and pain to fatigue and premature grey.

Minerals are the key to good health. Minerals also work with each other to make processes work. Minerals plus water make electrolytes, blood and body fluid. Dehydration is only part water, the other part is minerals.  Minerals come from the food we eat which are mineral rich like root vegetables, dark leafy greens and things like soups cooked with bone over a long time until the marrow is released. 
Minerals which the body can use, do not come from spring water which contain un-bio-available minerals or "rocks" in my book.  Think of it this way, Imagine a stream flowing down the mountainside and a plant growing alongside the stream. The plant roots reach down into…

Immunity Testing?

If you don’t know much about me you could read this first before you go further.
As most of my patients know already, I am not your average Acupuncturist. I starting using Muscle Testing 10+ years ago. I have taken several courses on Muscle Testing (layman’s term for Speiclaized Applied / Applied Kinesiology: Touch for Health (several courses with 2 different instructors), Body Talk, NET (NeuroEmotional Technique which utilizes what they call Specialized Kinesiology), NRT (Nutrition Response Technique which also utilizes what they call Specialized Kinesiology) and Applied Kinesiology (college course).
More about Muscle Testing / Specialized Kinesiology / Remote Muscle Testing
I began using Remote Muscle Testing on some of my patients who were more open to alternative therapies and now a days I muscle test most all of my patients before their appointments and work with patients over the phone/internet recoding emotions, assessing health and nutrition, etc. Some patients are skeptical a…