Tap Away Your Troubles

Emotional Memory 
Have you heard the saying: I know it by heart? Well it seems there is something to that.
There is a system utilizing tapping that can change your emotional memory. Emotional Memory is stored in the Limbic system of your Brain. Emotional memory is useful, if you burn your hand on the stove for example, you need to have an automatic system to remember not to put your hand near the burner. When adrenaline is involved, or when your body gets a rush, your body easily stores emotional memory, so whatever is happening at the time of the rush, is stored in the brain as an emotional memory.
Sometimes things can be distorted and suddenly, you find you are afraid of heights, bridges, elevators, speaking in front of group or other things. This is when it is not advantageous to keep that emotional memory.

Tapping Technique 
Here is what you can do to rid yourself of unneeded fears, anxiety, frustration, irritation, aggravation, worry, doubt, insecurities with self doubt and embarrassment etc.
First you need to put yourself back into that feeling of the emotion or if it is a person that is bothering you, you are not sure why (or maybe you are) but you just don't feel good around that person. Imaging you are in that feeling again, feel it as much as you can, if you are frustrated, work yourself into the worst frustration you can. Hold that feeling and thought and start tapping..... 
Try it and let me know what YOU think (feel)...

Hold your emotion/thoughts and feelings and begin:
While taking a deep breath in, begin lightly tapping on the top of your head, using your fingers, with 2 fingers on the top right and 2 on the top left of your head.
Now while breathing out, tap lightly on the left side of your sternum (the middle of your chest, in the center but slightly on the left side where your heart lies underneath)
Do this for 4 breath cycles or until you begin to feel better. 
This can be used for old memories, feelings emotions or things that have just happened. If it is just happening and you feel out of control...go to the nearest bathroom and tap away.....enjoy your new emotional stability! 
Here is an intro to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), another tapping system you can try with a free manual online at www.emofree.com

I work with several of these emotional release techniques in my practice and have found great success in both eliminating pain and also releasing emotional issue / blockages from Anxiety to PTSD.

Patricia J Ahner, AP, LAc, LMT, Esth / contact@get-relief.com / http://get-relief.com/neuroemotional.html


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